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Donation Plans

KIROS is not a “Borg” coin, our vision is not a unified metaverse under one set of smart contracts, but a diverse cryptoverse with thousands of contracts each proving whether they should be the next “hard fork” for the systems. KIROS seeks to increase the viability and Cryptocompliance around the world, and to do this, through our partners in the WhiteWallet, have a comprehensive donation, loan, and warrant program to empower millions around the world. How we treat those whom we see as the least in this world reflects in who we are as a species, thus we have geared our plan to bring a better future to people all around the world through our programs.

Donation Programs - Direct Donations & Grants

One of the cornerstones of the KIROS concept is the concept of transactional value. Long understood as more useful than market valuation, transactional value is the value of use in a token. The more people, business, and governments who are using the token, the higher the transactional valuation is. In our case, we want to get the coin (approximately K2.5 Trillion) into the hands of as many people as possible.

Did you know that religious institutions are the largest providers of Medical and Educational services in the world? Religions have the ability to get money into the hands of the poorest people in the world, and can even help them use that money to improve their lives.  If anything, we have seen that government involvement in macro-wealth management has concentrated wealth near the top.  While KIROS does not begrudge anyone the ability to accumulate wealth, the government programs created a bigger gap between the wealth and the middle/lower class.  Through our religious empowerment program, KIROS is placing nearly K500,000 in the hands of local churches.  This money comes with no strings attached, other than that they become crypto compliant (accept crypto donations) and do not use the money for lawsuits.  This is a way to build new schools, hospitals and libraries around the world.  By giving the money to the religious institution, rather than controlling it ourselves, KIROS is giving wealth to people who really need it.

With nearly 213.65 million businesses in the world today, most business is owned by the middle class and the working poor. However, if you look at subsidies and major government grants, the bulk of allotment is set out for very few mega-corporation, who already have the money for record profits, so they do not need the influx of taxpayer dollars.   Through the IDG program, KIROS is putting K2 Trillion into the global economy for business development and crypto compliance.  These string free grants have only four requirements: must be a legally registered business in the country receiving the money, must use a portion of the money to increase Cryptocompliance (the ability to receive crypto cards and cryptocurrency), limited access to augmented reality to place advertisements for the business and its affiliates being crypto compliant, and that the funds are not used for any illegal or immoral activities.  With an average of K5,000 going to business around the world this can help many small businesses recover from pandemic related expenses.

Part of the design of KIROS is to be fluid, with nearly 10% of the reserve fund dedicated to projects that improve the past, present, and future of humanity, Project Prometheus builds on the dedicated charity work with open ended charity work.  Project Prometheus seeks to improve our knowledge of the past by creating museums and repositories of human history around the world. Rather than national museums, which are often tainted by politics and bias, the Promethean Museums will be a collection of artifacts and information, collected through partnerships with governments and from the private sector, so that all can enjoy these common historical elements.  In the present, we will be working with corporations in relief efforts to support very simple human rights: the Right to Live, The right to Liberty, and the Right to pursue ones own happiness.  Finally, KIROS understands that as cryptocurrency is the future, the cryptocommunity has a duty to make that future better for everyone.  A portion of Project Prometheus, which will be supplemented by the Smartburn system, will be used to fund innovative projects around the world, and to rehabilitate smaller communities, moving people away from the “mega-city” mentality and back into a “community” mentality.”  This includes funding projects to help the global community move into near space and beyond.

Loan Program

KIROS does not begrudge large companies their place in the world. If it was not for large companies, we would not be flying around the globe, driving to other areas of our own country, or even have reliable food on our plates. However, unlike the smaller companies who are able to receive the grant (those under 500 million gross receipts), large companies can get loans through the regional development programs.

Through defi banking partners, nations can offer low fee-based loans to business, both large and small.  The fee-based loan, rather than an interest-based loan, has a set fee for the amount that needs to be repaid at the end.  If a company takes out a K10,000 loan, then at the end of 10 years they have to replay K11,000.  While it is recommended that the company make monthly payments to the program, the repayment period does not start for four years.  After the 4th year, the payments are yearly for 1/6th of the cost remaining.

In some cases, there are projects that are so interesting that our partners at the WalletGroup will take a direct interest in the project.  In these case, not only will loans be offered to the company (only private entities may be in this program), but also the WalletGroup (through Red, Blue, or Purple Wallet) will buy a portion of the stock in the company.  This will not only give the company the operating capital needed to accomplish their goals, but will also bring the company into the Walletgroup family, providing the logistical support that only an integrated decentralized network can provide.

Warrant Program

At the corporate and national level, investment in cryptocurrency can be a scary thing. No one knows which cryptos will succeed and which cryptos will fail. The KIROS warrant programs are designed to take away some of this concern, giving nations, corporations, even individuals the ability to make large investments with limited risks through a process of reserve warrants. Larger warrants are active 30 days after purchase and have an expiration date of 6 months, renewable for warrant cost for up to an additional 6 months. Smaller warrants are active 30 days after purchase and have an expiration date of 3 months, renewable for warrant cost for up to an additional 3 months.

The government warrant program is the most stable warrant program ever offered.  Based on a tiered system (K10 Billion, K1 Billion, K100 Million, K10 Million, K1Million), the government program allows governments to buy warrants between 15-25% for K at a rate below the estimated market rate (6 months).  Each warrant package will be customized for the nations involved, and will be offered (per nation) based on GDP of the K2 Trillion reserve for this project.

The business warrant program is similar to the government warrant program, in that the stability is unprecedented.  Once again this is a tiered warrant offering, (K1 Billion, K100 Million, K10 Million, K1Million, K100,000) the corporate program allows corporations to buy warrants at 20-30% for K at a rate below the market rate at the estimated market rate (6 months).  Warrant packages will be customized for each company, combined with the Global Individual Warrant Program, the K1 Trillion reserve for this project will be first come first serve.

The individual warrant program is a mirror of the corporate warrant program, with one key exception, the individual warrants activate in 30 days, just like the larger programs, but have a 3-month expiration. Like the larger program, Individual warrants can be extended once for the original warrant price. Warrants in this category are from the same pool of K1 Trillion as the Global Business Warrant Program, and are on a first come first serve basis.

During the course of the warrant program, once a warrant is executed, the funds are placed in a defi escrow account at one of our partner banks (purchaser of the warrant can select among our partners). The money is held there until the warrant is claimed. THE VALID “PAPERWORK” OF THE WARRANT WILL BE A NFT, STORED ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, only the holder of the NFT can claim the warrant funds on or before the expiration day (NFT fees are the responsibility of the purchaser). This is the only way “tradable warrants will be issued.” Individuals, corporations, or Nations may request physical copies of the warrant to be issued; if this is the case, then the warrants will be stored with a financial institution, non-transferable, during the maturation period. There is an additional fee of $500,000 or K250,000 which ever is greater for the warrant to be issued in this manner (the fee is for a whole set of warrants if the warrants are at a higher value.)

Wallet Group Disbursements

  • 13% Oversight of Smartburn system and Stablecoin 2.0 Ecosystem
  • 12% Holding and Direction of Wallet Companies
  • 12% Management of Stocks, Bonds and Traditional Assets Hedge
  • 12% Management of Commodities, Real Property, Antiquities Hedge
  • 12% Management of Digital Assets Hedge
  • 8% Place Holder Security Assets
  • 4% Lobbying for Human Rights and Crypto Compliance
  • 4% Management of Assets Acquired by Wallet Group
  • 4% Placeholder (reserve account)
  • 4% Media, Arts Production, Communications
  • 2% Cyphron and Workforce Management
  • >1% Training and Crypto Awareness
  • >1% Charity, Donations, and Good Will Works (also gets donations)

Whitepaper Excerpts

What Does KIROS offer?

KIROS brings innovation, dynamic management, access to markets, and quadratic valuation to the table. Through our smart burn system, we have solved the problem of inflation, allowing the coin to maintain a stable growth pattern relative to the basket of goods from which the coin derives its stability. By working within the WalletGroup system, KIROS can provide the stability of a traditional company during its infancy while moving steadily towards decentralization in the short term growth strategy. BlackWalletLTD begets the WalletGroup, the WalletGroup diversifies into the SubWallets, the SubWallets increase the value of the ecosystem, then sell in an PO and IPO strategy to ensure that members of the community get control of the company through stock ownership. KIROS builds access to markets, not just for KIROS users but for the whole cryptocommunity, through grants and loans for Cryptocompliance, KIROS is building a global network that makes things easier for all members of the community. Finally, KIROS is one of the first cryptos to profess that market valuation alone does not a crypto make. By using all four methods of quadratic valuation, KIROS bases its value on the market, the use of KIROS and other cryptos, the transactions across the chain, and a reserved asset pool.

What Does KIROS offer?
Executive Summary

KIROS is designed to be a global exchange token. For those of you who are interested in what that is, a global exchange token is a token that is designed to facilitate the exchange and ecosystem maintenance of the crypto community as a whole. First wave coins (gen 1), were independent blockchain coins which had value based on their transitional value (BitCoin, Ethereum). Second wave tokens and coins (Altcoins), improved that model by increasing the valuation to transitional value and market value (Doge, SHIB, BAT). Some of the proto-third wave tokens have taken this a step further by looking at inherent value or transactional value, but most have either undercapitalized or underutilized, generally because of “Defi-phobia”- the fear of losing control of your coin. KIROS is entering the market looking to develop all four valuation systems.

Benefits of the GET system

Right now, there are three things holding back the crypto-revolution. The first is a mythology created by the central banks that “crypto has no inherent value.” The second is high gas fees. The third is cutthroat community politics. KIROS, through the Book “Dragons of the Digital Age is helping to educate people as to the real valuation of crypto and how it derives value. From memecoins to Stablecoins, all crypto has value if it has one of these valuation models. We hope that more cryptos will join Stablecoin 2.0 and have all four valuation models. Next, high gas fees are killing the macro-exchange. With its inception as a GET, KIROS hopes to allow large trades between exchanges to minimize gas fees across the different chains (Also known as Phase 3 Plan). Finally, “why can’t we all just get along,” central banks have cryptos at each other’s throats arguing which methodology is best- guess what- any methodology is better than what central banks are doing. KIROS seeks to build a community ecosystem where cryptos help each other out in the infinitely vast cryptoverse.

What Does KIROS offer?
Token Allotment

Who gets the Token- everyone gets the token. KIROS is designed to be a GET and give more people access to crypto. Individuals can buy KIROS, companies can get loans or grants in KIROS, large corporations and nations can buy warrants for KIROS, and those people who cannot afford the token will see KIROS come into their community through donations to religious and charitable organizations. All in all, over half of the KIROS tokens are designated to be distributed through various programs to increase the transactional value of the token and the access to cryptocurrency (not just ours) around the world.

What Does KIROS offer?

Once the program is started, it becomes a community managed ecosystem- but the smart contract and smart burn are controlled by the AI. This gives community members control over what the system does at the macro-level, but the central core of the system (the smart burn system and the token) will be fully stable. This increases the stability of the token, which empowers the Stablecoin 2.0 system to be more effective in its existence.

What Does KIROS offer?

KIROS is stable because it is based off of a basket of goods, not off of a fiat currency. Bread, milk, gas, clothing, minerals, and stocks will always have value. Because of the unprecedented diversity of the KIROS asset pool (as it develops), the stability of the system is designed to weather any economic storm. By becoming part of the project, and part of the community, you are not investing in a cryptocurrency, you are investing in your future. As fiat currencies decline in value, cryptos have grown exponentially. Private wealth management is the future- you now have the ability to be part of that future.

What Does KIROS offer?
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