Stablecoin 2.0

With over K19.5T AUM, KIROS is a magnificently large ecosystem. Bringing in not only the KIROS token, but welcoming partners in the Stablecoin 2.0 ecosystem, KIROS is building a stronger future where we are cryptos competing together, not against each other.


Mission Statement

Beyond competition, there is a place where human beings can work together. This is not removing competition from the equation, but embracing free trade, free will, and free exchange within the system. KIROS, and our partners at the WalletGroup, are building a stronger future by embracing the competition that makes us strong and the cooperation that makes us a better community. The cryptoverse is vast, boundless some say, there is ample real estate for all of us. As the spiderweb bridge spans far into the outer reaches of digital space, the explorers of this new digital frontier must work together even as they stake their own claims. KIROS seeks to facilitate this cooperation through providing the Stablecoin 2.0 infrastructure we all need for a better future.


What We Stand For

Crypto Accessibility for All

Everyone who is capable should have access to their own wealth, management systems that deprive people of wealth control deprive them of a basic human right. Crypto seeks to rectify this through giving people more access to their wealth, when they want it and where they want it. Through Wallet Group’s involvement in the Sub-Wallets, we can promote a harmonious evolution of the ecosystem while still giving our community the access to the ecosystem that they deserve.

Stable Crypto Markets

50% swings in value are fun to be on, but hard to plan your budget around. This includes the estimated 200% increase in the U.S. inflation rate, which many believe is actually closer to 2000%. Stable coins build stable markets, and we base our stability off of the basket of goods, not degrading fiat currency. Through Black Wallet, Blue Wallet, Red Wallet and Purple Wallet, we are looking to build an asset pool that represents the basket of goods, globally, in such detail that it is an accurate reflection of the cost of living.

Global Improvement

We are all citizens of this planet, as such, we all have a duty to ensure that we are working for a better world. Through Green Wallet, White Wallet, Brown Wallet, Teal Wallet and Gold Wallet, we are working to build better projects around the world, supporting human rights such as life, access to water, access to medical care, access to education, and the right to work.

Overall Human Rights and Access to Information

With the state of global media today, we want to see a world where people have access to real information not media-industrial propaganda. For the world to be a better place, we need people to work together- not hate each other. To that end Sepia Wallet and Copper Wallet are working to give people access to information, and the training on how to use that information to better their lives.


Token Distribution

Please note that the remaining “change” is a relic of having a prime number for the amount and will be used through the action fund for international corporate development.

  • 12% Organization
  • .25% Disbursements to Supporters
  • 20% Reserve Liquidity Pool
  • 20% Government Warrant Issue
  • 5% Corporate Partners
  • .25% Donations to Charity (Through White Wallet)
  • 5% Seeding of Exchanges
  • 10% Business Grants
  • 7% Action Fund
  • 12% Global Efforts Through the Wallet Group


Frequently Asked Questions

KIROS is a token built on the Solana blockchain.

BlackWalletLTD and all members of the Wallet Group are registered in the United States and have the privilege of operating within the legal system of the United States.  As such, all members who use KIROS tokens are protected from unconscionable actions by the legal code of the United States, reviewed as one of the most stable in the world.  We avoided incorporating in “loose” counties because we want our users to have faith that their rights are protected by the community and the law. 

KIROS is a Global Exchange Token (GET).  This means that it has a bifurcated audience.  The primary audience is the global network of exchanges, to use this as an arbitrage hedge preventing abuses by OG banking systems. The secondary users have the option of using KIROS as a transactional utility token for regular purchases from any of the companies who have signed up for KIROS launch or who have received money in our grant program. While some investors may see returns on KIROS, KIROS is designed to be a stable coin based on the basket of goods owned by the Wallet Group Hedges, thus would not be a security under SEC definition (15 USC  77b – Definitions promotions of efficiency, competition, and capital formation).

The coin itself is functioning in the State of Florida in the United States of America. All legal matters for anyone using the coin are directed to the mediation, arbitration, and court system of the State of Florida.

KIROS is designed to prevent rug pools by persons involved with the project and whales who may buy into the project.  Through a large number of tokens, backed by the Stablecoin 2.0 system and a large reserve (20%), the coin seeks to maintain a stable presence in the world, even if a bad actor may try to “pump and dump” the sheer number of coins coupled with their anticipated value (between $2.11 and $17.35) makes it highly unlikely that anyone, even crypto billionaires would be able to move the value of the coin without community support.  If this occurs, then the reserve can be used to ensure that the dump will not be profitable for the bad actors. 

A stablecoin is any token that is backed by real world assets in a manner that allows value to be derived in the token from the external source. Classic stablecoins have always had a 1-1 ratio with other securities (fiat, stocks, other cryptos).  The Stablecoin 2.0 system is designed around a stablecoin with a non-redeemable value structure that allows growth through an ever increasing hedge fund network.  Coin values are based on the aggregate “basket of goods” which have a much more stable record than any stock, mutual fund, or fiat currency.  As such, the value of the funds can rise via the “Smart Burn System” but would need a total market collapse to have a major decline, which would also have a negative effect multiplied on any fiat currency.

Traditional cryptocurrencies use what is called a burn system. This is where a token is taken out of circulation and placed in a dead wallet.  The theory behind this comes from supply side economics that states a reduced supply will increase demand.  This does not always work in fungible goods where there is not a constant demand.  In addition to a faulty theoretical base, dead wallets have a tendency to come back to life and make people rich.  These zombie wallets have been coming back to life over the course of the past two years.

The Smart Burn System in KIROS is based off of demand side economics.  Why would a customer want to buy something? Because the value is rising. Rather than placing any “burned” tokens into a dead wallet, KIROS coins (and members of the SC 2.0 ecosystem) go into a tipple wallet. This wallet, once it reaches a specific point, is designed to empty back out in to the system. Rather than having a devastating effect on the value, this dump is created to go into an independent backing hedge that increases the value of the token as the basket of goods increases. Differentiating this from other hedges, there is no “redeem” function for the token from the hedge. Instead the system is set up to ensure that market value maintains a level at or above asset value to keep the asset pool liquid, and prevent the ripple effect of many withdrawals causing a run on the reserve.

KIROS is designed to be stable both in tokenomics and in the environment.  For environmental stability, KIROS uses the Stablecoin 2.0 system.  In Stablecoin 2.0, there is a smart burn strategy that allows for a small portion of the token to be burned every time that a transaction takes place.  Unlike traditional burns, which simply go to a “dead” or “zombie” wallet, for hackers to later exploit.  The smart burn tokens are transferred into the ecosystem, so that the coins can be re-introduced into the ecosystem (thus not depleting the coin amount) via purchases of commodities, stocks, and other assets through the Wallet Group.  These assets are then used as backing to continually maintain and grow the value of the ecosystem. 

In regards to the global ecosystem, the one we live in, KIROS’ Smart Burn System prevents the need of excess electrical power to create new tokens for the tokens being burned.  While Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum are becoming the new Gold (read to expensive to use for everyday trade), KIROS and other Stablecoin 2.0 tokens are being used to facilitate transactions to make crypto more mainstream.  Add to that that no forests were cut down in the making of KIROS, and we have a better environmental footprint than governments printing money.

No, the tokens that are created are the only tokens that will ever exist.

Stablecoin 2.0 seeks not to repeat some of the mistakes of the first generation of Stablecoins.  The first mistake is backing only using one thing or a family of things.  The Stablecoin 2.0 system is backed by a basket of goods managed by several companies within the group.  This allows for the basket of goods to be very diverse, yet managed by experts in the area.  Second, the first generation of Stablecoin competed with each other trying to be the “best” Stablecoin. Either you are stable (good) or you are not (bad).  Our system allows any token or coin that wants to join to be part of the system through a buy in procedure.  By building equity in the system, the company can increase the value of their token.  Finally, the Stablecoin 2.0 system eschews the 1:1 exchange system.  If you allow people to withdraw the assets on which the equity is based because the issuer of the token is a member of the club, then you are allowing a third party to violate your fiduciary duty.  Once assets are in the Stablecoin 2.0 system, they are there for life.  If a company withdraws from the system, they receive 10% of their initial stake from the liquidity pool, but the asset pool remains protected and stable.  This provides all members of the community with an unprecedented level of security.


Road Map

May 2022

Coin Is created and initial distributions are given to the supporters who have helped build this protocol over the last three years.

May 2022

Private sale of the coin through the personal networks of those who have been supporting the protocol. (Estimated Value$0.2735 per KIROS, limited to 10 Billion KIROS.) This influx will be used to pre-stock the asset pool, fund a portion of the liquidity pool, and establish the corporate physical plant and framework for the company in the Miami area.

June 2022

Global Donations will be made to charity organization K500 Billion. These funds will be sent out to help charitable efforts around the world through dedicated partners.

June 2022

Pre-Sale of the coin through a network of third party providers, the coin will be dispersed globally through a pre-sale. (Estimated Value of $0.5901233 per KIROS, this is subject to change based on the speed at which the private sale occurs, limited to 100 Billion KIROS).

July 2022

Grant issues of KIROS will be conducted globally through development agencies and regional development corporations to get KIROS right into the hands of the business with the average global allotment (should all countries participate) of K9,300. The only strings for this grant is that the business becomes crypto compliant (using one of the crypto cards/credit cards out there accepting KIROS) and that they allow for KIROS and our partners to advertise businesses that are crypto compliant in their Augmented Reality Space.

July 2022

Government Warrant issue will be conducted. Each country will be allotted a portion of the K4 Trillion allotted for this project based on GDP, Population, and global pollution index. This currency can be used for national development or for a reserve as billions of KIROS will be flowing into those countries economies.

September 2022

The first phase of the Tiered Dex Offering (TDO) will begin. Starting at an estimated $2.11713 per KIROS, the project will enter into the open market with a large portion of the exchange seed funds, the Wallet Group Seed Funds, and a limited portion of the Action Fund and Liquidity Reserve. The levels of the TDO will be determined by the success of the lower levels, with reserves being locked when the market saturation reaches a point conducive to operations. The remaining funds will be used to regulate the system through the oversight of the sub-wallets.